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Identifying the 6th Tool

By far my favorite part about scouting amateur players is getting to know them. Its finding out what makes them tick, what got them to this point in their career and what is their story? Knowing all this fills in all those gaps when it comes to deciding on them. If you are a reader of the site...


Player Miss - Paul DeJong

In a previous post I talked about in order to improve as a scout there needed to be a level of self-evaluation. The single most thing that haunts me is missing on a player. Let’s be honest as a player you will fail and as a scout you will fail. Now like a player you want to work at it to improve...


Make up Across Other Leagues

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how scouting could change as a result of this pandemic. As we come out of it, it very well may change. What I wrote about was that I was optimistic that it was important to have boots on the ground scouts in areas. The reason behind that? Simple, knowing the players...


The Possible Future of Scouting

Let us start this off with going with what we know right now. The 2020 MLB draft is set for June 10th… that is about it. It is odd to think we are just over a month out from what we work towards all year and we do not know the details. Will it be 5 or 10 rounds? What are the bonuses? How will the...


If You Are Not Learning, Your Dying

If you are not learning your dying. Have you heard that said before? I know I have and plenty of times. I have also heard get 1% better every day. Now not every day is perfect, but I do believe you have to have a growth mindset. It is important to continue to grow and evolve. Last week I wrote...