If you are not learning your dying. Have you heard that said before? I know I have and plenty of times. I have also heard get 1% better every day. Now not every day is perfect, but I do believe you have to have a growth mindset. It is important to continue to grow and evolve. Last week I wrote about how this shutdown has led me to hit reset and take a step back. One thing that I have begun to do is a weekly Zoom call. I have posted on Twitter asking for topics and this past week one of the topics asked for was the title of our discussion. We have discussed tools, make up and this past week HS vs. college projection picks.

Why am I saying all this? These are opportunities to learn. All those that have been on the call have added incredible value. I am just fortunate enough to get them to come on and share their knowledge.

If you are not learning your dying. This is the perfect opportunity to learn. It can be taking a new course. Sure, my course is available, but it can be in anything. It has truly been incredible what I have learned from the three Zoom calls that we have done. This is not me posting to try and get more on. We average about thirty people each week. What I am telling you is you are missing out on incredible knowledge.

During these calls beside me sits a notebook. I have filled up a few pages over the past few weeks. Here are a couple nuggets that I picked up. We talked about CB predictors. Pitchers either have CB’s or they do not. If they do not, they are likely moved to a SL since that is easier to teach. Someone asked what determines a good CB? A veteran scout responded with, “A good CB gets under the barrel.” Simple and makes a lot of sense. That is also the perfect line to throw in a report. We then switched gears to projecting on hitters. We had a minor league hitting coordinator in the group and he offered some great insight. Here is what he had to say, “Look for ease of operation, the hitter controls space, hitters that make a lot of left turns, don’t overlook the obvious, value the RBI in the amateur player that has an innate ability to drive in runs. This guy signed JD Martinez long before he was JD Martinez I am listening.

This whole point behind this is the game evolves. We need to evolve with the game. If you love it as many of us do take this opportunity of downtime and find ways to broaden your knowledge of the game. We will likely play in 2020. Lot of the rumors are pointing to early July. The time is now to start picking up on these nuggets to apply them once the season begins.